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At New View Surfaces Limited we work primarily with solid surface materials to product high end kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops and commercial solid surface products.

As you can tell, we're already sold on the idea but why choose solid surface materials?

Solid Surface is non porous and therefore the most sanitary of all countertop material meaning that it will withstand disinfection solutions with zero damage to the material.

Solid surface is the only material that can be installed with no visible seams regardless of the size of the countertop making the finished product more sanitary and more beautiful.

Sinks can be installed integrally, fused seamlessly into the countertop, leaving no caulk to maintain, no crevices for bacteria to breed, and no chance for the sink to sag over time.

Finished products are renewable and repairable. Almost any damage can be fixed easily to like new condition as entire sections can be cut out and replaced seamlessly if needed.

For domestic customers - If it is time to sell your home, the top can be repolished back to new condition.

Solid Surface is easily worked and shaped into almost any imaginable shape.

Now that you're sold too, check out the selection of solid surface materials available!

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