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Solid Surface Kitchen Worktops


Everyone's idea of their perfect kitchen is different which is why our bespoke kitchen worktops offer the perfect solution.

Whether you have modern, minimalist tastes in search of a seamless glacier white kitchen worktop or a new age designer with a kitchen full of curved surfaces - choosing a solid surface material is the right choice for you.

Solid Surface Kitchen Worktops at New View

The kitchen is the heart of the home where people come together to cook, eat, drink and catch up. Making the space and layout work for your lifestyle is imperative. Your kitchen worktops will be used for food preparation, serving and possibly dining so need to withstand regular use and cleaning.

At New View Surfaces our kitchen worktops are ideal for a modern kitchen as they offer smooth and sleek lines but can also enhance a more traditional style space with the range of colours and shapes available.

Looking for inspiration?  Take a look at our Pinterest boards which showcase the best examples of solid surface kitchen worktops that we can find!

Why Choose a Solid Surface Kitchen Worktop?

Solid surface kitchen worktops have many benefits and when compared to other materials these benefits are obvious.

Natural stone and wood can scratch and stain easily and require sealing and regular maintenance.  Granite worktops are very heavy and expensive and laminate can peel, burn, melt and scratch, causing them to become unhygienic.

Another advantage of solid surface kitchen worktops is you don't need to compromise on the look of your kitchen. Solid surface worktops are available in a number of materials including wood, natural stone, manmade laminate and composite.

We believe our manmade composite worktops offer the best of both worlds in terms of design and durability. Combining a man-made composite material with natural minerals and resin. Solid surface products are heat and scratch resistant, seamless, stain resistant and can be moulded to any shape.


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