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How To Achieve Scandinavian Style In The Kitchen

Interior design – Hygge

One of the biggest buzzwords in interior design right now is ‘hygge’, a concept from Scandinavian style and home décor that intends to turn your house into a really cosy little home, incorporating different colours, textures and materials to engender feelings of happiness, warmth and a sense of togetherness.

It’s perfect for this time of year as we all bunker down for the winter, but how can you go about achieving this kind of style in the kitchen? Luckily, it doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your current kitchen design, rather bringing in a few little touches here or there to change how it feels when you’re actually in the space itself.

It’s important to remember that Scandi style is all about simplicity, so going for a white colour scheme in the kitchen is advisable – although prevent it from becoming too cold by using various shades of grey here and there as well.

You could, for example, choose bespoke kitchen worktops that tailor to this, tying them in with the existing colour of your tiles and walls. This would certainly be an easier fix than replacing all the tiles and repainting everything, don’t you agree?

Wood is a brilliant material to use if you’re keen to adopt a hygge aesthetic and it’s easy to bring this into the kitchen, whether it’s in the form of beautiful wooden cabinets and cupboards or simply just by accessorising with wooden boards and utensils… which certainly won’t break the bank.

Throw in a few pops of colour (think pastels for a really cosy feel), or go for a few copper touches in the form of new pots and pans, or even by changing the faucets. You’ll be surprised at how a few small changes can have a really big effect at home.

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